Best Freezers – A Collection Of Freezer Reviews

A stand-alone freezer is basically a solid investment as it becomes more easy to capitalize on good sales as well as bulk buys. A nicely-stocked freezer will also alleviate concerns about dinner planning. We’ve checked out user reviews of verified purchasers of more than a dozen sites, not to mention some real results from professional tests, to discover the Best Freezers which provide a solid combination of cool features, great performance as well as reliability.

Freezer Reviews - Top Freezers

Freezer ImageFreezer NameCostVerified Purchaser Freezer Reviews
GE FCM5SUWW 5.0 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - WhiteGE FCM5SUWW 5.0 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - White$329.89I have had my freezer for about two weeks and I am very satisfied. To improve functionality I wanted two additional sliding baskets, identical to what came with the unit. It took a bit of detective work but I learned that GE part number is WR21X10208. if you type that into an Internet search engine you will find a variety of stores and prices.

I learned the hard way that the maximum number of baskets is two. The third basket is about one quarter of an inch too wide. However, it fits nicely in the bottom of my refrigerator and is very useful
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Sunpentown UF-311W Energy Star 2.8 Cubic-Foot Upright Freezer, WhiteSunpentown UF-311W Energy Star 2.8 Cubic-Foot Upright Freezer, White$315.00Had to make this purchase under duress since our old (very old!) small freezer decided to quit at a most inconvenient time. After saving the contents from spoilage I found the SPT on Amazon at the right price with the right specs. It functioned as described at once and has continued to do so, consistently running colder than described. With all shelves easily removable and a superior door seal this model represents significant improvements in convenience and performance. Haven't had it very long so there are still the durability issues mentioned by other reviewers to evaluate.

While waiting for these issues of long-term reliability to reveal themselves or not, and now having three months experience with this freezer, the short-term experiences of other reviewers need to be addressed. Our freezer shows absolutely no evidence of random freezing/thawing cycles nor warmer than freezing temps at maximum settings; in fact, as suggested in the original review it actually needs to be ratcheted up to avoid -20 degrees. Also, we have noticed almost no noise from this appliance, even when it cycles; no excessive buildup of frost, either. This is being written to advise those with all these negative experiences to check out the possible sample defects of their particular unit and those who are contemplating this purchase not to be unduly influenced by those reviews.
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MIDEA WHS-129C Single Door Chest Freezer, 3.5 Cubic Feet, WhiteMIDEA WHS-129C Single Door Chest Freezer, 3.5 Cubic Feet, White$499.00Perfect size for what I needed. I live in a small travel trailer, it has a small fridge and the freezer on it is about the size of a microwave. There was really no room for food. A regular 5 foot or larger freezer would not even fit. But this smaller one is light and fit in the corner of the bathroom. It's not really loud except sometimes it clicks and you hear it's motor start up again. The cats like sitting on it like they own it too.
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MIDEA WHS-109F Compact Single Reversible Door Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, BlackMIDEA WHS-109F Compact Single Reversible Door Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, Black$212.15I sat this freezer up on a bench in my garage. It is attractive, quiet and keeps the temperature about -10 so I will have to adjust it to 0 degrees which is not a problem except that the control is in the back of the unit so I will wait until it becomes more empty so I can move it around. I store all my leftovers and my cut up pears and blueberries that I picked from my yard this summer, this frees my kitchen's ref/freezer to be used for my everyday needs. Even though it is a small size it holds quite a bit and keeps it perfectly frozen. I have had it for a few months and so far no problem with frost buildup, but I only open it about once every week or two.
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Haier HNSE04BB 4.0 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, BlackHaier HNSE04BB 4.0 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, Black$190.00Among the least expensive refrigerator/freezers of its size, I was pleasantly surprised with the unit. It cools well, is relatively quiet, and has plenty of refrigerator space. The door seals well when closed, and was reversed easily.

Others have reported packaging/shipping issues, but I didn't experience any. The manufacturer's box has 0.5" styrofoam on all four corners and 1" top and bottom. That box was wrapped in bubble-wrap and placed in a larger box which was shipped. All of the (glass) shelves were taped in place and padded so they wouldn't break.

Can't comment on longevity (yet), but everything else is great.

I personally don't have any use for the gallon-jug storage in the door (I bought it for an office environment) but I can see that as a selling point for those who'd buy it for a small apartment.
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The Best Freezers Will Aid You In Your Efforts At Saving Money

As the economy remains uncertain and food prices keep increasing, a good freezer that you can stock when foods go on sale will be of great value. Although freezing an entire slab of beef may not be what you need, having an additional freezer is something that comes in handy if your tiny in-refrigerator freezer is jam packed already.

Image of an upright model freezer

Upright Freezer

Best Up-right Freezers do not leave as much of a footprint and can be a fantastic option being a second freezer or maybe as something for you to freeze the on-sale items you want to pick up once you find that the retail price is to ones liking. These extra tall, thin units keep a footprint a lot like a smaller cooking area refrigerator, additionally, their door opens from the front much such as a small refrigerators’ door. A majority of users opt for upright freezers in the chest models mainly because it is more useful in maintaining organization in addition to accessing the items within. On the downside, upright freezers can’t store as much food for their own size; one professional assessment says shelves along with bins can eat up as much as 20 percent in the usable space. Many upright models have an automatic defrost element. Self-defrosting models typically are better at keeping a consistent temperature, however they are not as energy efficient. The cost for upright freezers can range anywhere from $400 to $1,000, with the top-rated models usually falling in the $600 to $700 range.

Best Chest Freezers are not as tall but are wider than uprights, and in addition they open from the top as opposed to the front. They are greatest for consumers that buy food in bulk and shop it for long stretches. Chest freezers use up more floor room than upright products, so they’re often kept in the basement or car port. They are not generally easily obtainable in frost-free versions, so chest freezers must be manually defrosted every once in awhile.

Chest freezers generally cost below uprights; we found good reviews for a few models priced among $200 and $400. They’re less pricey to run, also. Since cold oxygen flows downward along with the door opens from the top, less cold oxygen is lost if the door is popped, making these products more energy effective. Also, since they’re better at preserving cold air, they can keep food icy for longer after a power outage, along with the food stored in them is less vulnerable to freezer burn. Chest freezers usually run more calmly than upright models and are available in a wider choice of sizes, so you will not be stuck getting a larger freezer than you undoubtedly need. However, there are several drawbacks to the actual chest design also. Users find chest freezers more difficult to organize since it is hard to determine what’s inside, along with the low height these freezers forces consumers to bend because of reach them. Short users may also find it difficult to reach items inside bottom of the actual chest.

Image of a chest freezer model

Chest Freezer Model

The Best Freezers that have 5 cubic feet of space or less are more popularly known as a compact or mini freezers. They can be found in both upright and also chest versions. Priced between $150 and also $350, they’re your best option for people with small apartments or perhaps small families. Some owners have tried them as a supplement to a fridge freezer inner compartment that’s too little or narrow, while other people keep one pertaining to specific items, similar to bulk-purchased meats or perhaps ice for celebrations. Compact freezers tend to be less efficient than full-size models, and so they don’t generally accompany as many characteristics. Few of them are incorporated into professional tests, although we found many models with excellent reviews from users.

Comparing freezer reviews could be confusing because identical models in many cases are sold under different brands. For example, many Kenmore freezers, which might be sold exclusively on Sears, are manufactured by Frigidaire and so are sold elsewhere under the Frigidaire name. We have made an argument of noting which freezers within our report are additionally available under other names to be able to check out both versions to search for the best price.

Our editors looked over reviews for dozens of upright and chest freezers, considering both professional test results and opinions from verified purchaser’s own experiences. We assessed each freezer’s characteristics, performance and dependability to narrow it down to our top rated models. This will allow you to buy the best freezer for the best possible value.